Ever Dynamic Media Company

VIVA Group, was established as a convergence media company, unifying aspects of information, entertainment, and networking media. Its flagship, or rather most known companies are the controversial tvOne and ANTV. Politics aside, the group has been known to push the boundaries of innovative content for news and family entertainment, and recently in fighting championships. The yearly annual report was meant to convey the brand as being formed by its innovative content, represented by 3-dimensional pixels, a transformational force constantly changing the brand's experience and reception. The inner layout is kept clean with an emphasis on empty space to enable the pixels to playfully grace the layout.



Annual Report Design, Layout and Typesetting, Art Direction in Photography


VIVA Group

Ismiaji Cahyono, Jessica Anjani, Anastasia Bisenty

Harumi Supit



Graphic design is the forefront of branding.

The corporate image, identity, and communication is made possible through graphic design.