A Local Group with a Global Vision

Tiara Marga Trakindo or TMT Group is the parent company of Trakindo, the chief distributor of Caterpillar in Indonesia, as well as other diversified portfolio of companies. It is a company that wants to respect its roots, thus the emphasis on the initial M from Marga, meaning surname. Tiara means crown, altogether the brand tells the story of a family company rooting from its initial business of distributing heavy equipments throughout Indonesia. The basic form of the logo is a cube carved out into a three dimensional form of letter Ts hugging into a letter M. The colors represent the range of diverse companies within the group, while the graphic element is a pattern of cubes constructed into a wire mesh, sometimes associated with construction. A branding program focused on keeping the graphic element and logo placement consistent, while maintaining a conservative corporate look, and balancing it with a modern and dynamic outlook.



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Tiara Marga Trakindo

Ismiaji Cahyono, Charles Lee, Jessica Anjani

Bimo Pradsmadji, Harumi Supit


Riyo Wadiarto



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