A Journey Through The Abundance of Beauty

Li Feng Jakarta, is the name we devised and deliberated with the Mandarin Oriental management for their new restaurant brand. Li Feng means beauty in abundance, which denotes the restaurant's opulent interior and specialty in authentic contemporary Cantonese Cuisine, prepared by Guangzhou's celebrity Chef Fei. The concept of the brand is a voyage of taste, parallel with Chinese seafarers travelling distances to Southeast Asia and beyond, exchanging riches and spices along the way. The restaurant's collateral mirrors the concept through historical objects, specifically porcelain wares used in dining, treated in a modern sense through monochromatic hues and contrasts. The result is classic and modern, with a contemporary twist.



Brand Concept and Naming, Brand Identity, Brand System, Brand Guideline, Menu Design and Restaurant Collaterals


Mandarin Oriental Jakarta

Ismiaji Cahyono, Jessica Anjani, Anastasia Bisenty



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